A smart home controller that can manage ZigBee devices, Z-Wave devices and other connected devices with corresponding and adaptive plugins installed. It boasts a built-in voice control system and has a powerful processor to handle and store data locally.

Easy to Use

Work out of the box, free of wiring or installation

Internet Independent

Process and store data locally, ensuring security and privacy.

Built-in Voice Assistant

Control your smart home just by asking nicely, offering a simpler lifestyle.

Instant Notification

Alert you timely and show options that you set for dealing with the problem.

All in One App

Control and configure all your connected devices from anywhere in the world, within just one app.

Big Screen Console

TV may serve as an external display when the hub and TV are connected with a cable.


Open Framework

Compatible with Eclipse SmartHome Framework and IoTivity, more devices and functions can be added if further develop it.

Backup Battery

Built-in rechargeable backup battery will automatically power the hub when hit by power outages.