Smart Home Kit

A powerful wireless gateway controlling

all your smart home devices with ZigBee and Z-Wave

Smart Infrared Detector

Monitor temperature to detector intruder

Automatic threshold to avoid false alarm

Wireless notification via cloud

Wireless Magnetic Door Alarm

Real-time tracking your door's status to ensure your home security

Wireless notification

Two reed switches embedded

Adapt to multiple types of doors

Smart Vibration Detector

Keep tracking knocking and other tiny vibration

Send alarm via cloud

Intelligent signal analysis tehnology

Smart Remote

One press to control devices

Low power consumption, long battery life

Emergent Alarm Button

Save life in emergent situation with one-key alarm

Smart Temperature & Humidity Detector

Accurately detect the change of temperature and humidity

Adapt digital sensors with high accuracy

Send alarm when environment changes rapidly

Smart Smoke Detector

Detect changes of smoke to prevent fire

85dB sound alarm within 3 meters

Smart CO Detector

Alarm when detecting CO

Send alarm wirelessly to smartphone

Smart Flammable Gas Alarm

Alarm when flammable gas releases

Embedded with semiconductor sensor with high constancy

Smart Socket

Wirelessly and easily control home electronics

Support time switch mode

Support USB charging


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